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Indian Spice Wonders

Indian spices not only pack in flavor, but they have extraordinary health benefits! Everyone knows the adage, "If you eat well, you feel well." 

I remember growing up and my mom would make me a cup of warm milk with one teaspoon of turmeric, a pinch of sugar, and a full heaping of her TLC for our sprains and strains to help with the inflammation. A cup of fresh ginger tea for our nauseous and unsettled stomach pains.  A teaspoon of carom seeds (ajwain) with a warm water chaser to soothe any bowel problems. And, cardamom pods for digestive problems including flatulence and heartburn.

There are numerous medical publications and studies that boast about the medicinal attributes that each one provides. So, perhaps it's time you add some spice to your diet?  Note: please consult your physician should you have any dietary sensitivities or limitations. Spicy foods can be an irritant for some people.

A mouthful of spices & pleasure

The underpinnings of Indian cuisine are spices --- flavorful culinary splendors of Indian cuisine!  Spices give Indian food its characteristic texture, flavor, and aroma.     

An Indian cook's pantry will always contain a fresh supply of turmeric, coriander, cumin, curry powder, garam masala, green cardamom, curry leaves, chilies, cinnamon, cloves, fennel, bay leaves, fenugreek, mustard seeds, tamarind, and saffron.  Equally important, but used slightly less often, are ajwain (carom), asafetida (hing), amchoor (dry mango powder), mint, poppy seeds, and anardana (pomegranate seeds).  

To learn more about the Indian Pantry, click here for an introduction to the widely used Indian pantry spices. The most interesting fact about Indian spices is that most of them were originally used for their medicinal attributes rather than for their flavor.  Click here for a reference guide to the Medicinal & Healing qualities to get you started on improving your health & building your spice pantry!

Many spices are said to have Aphrodisiac qualities known to stimulate and enhance your love life. To explore the Spices of Sensuality, click here to learn more about which spices to incorporate into your menu that have had a long reputation of having aphrodisiac properties.