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Stuffed Flatbreads w/delicious fillings paired w/Chutney's

PARANTHA – Griddle fried whole wheat ‘stuffed’ bread

Parantha dough is similar to roti dough. Salt is usually added to round out the flavor.  The parantha is fully cooked on a griddle. During cooking, the paranthas are basted with butter (traditionally with ghee) to make them crisp and rich.  They can be made into round, square or triangle shapes.  No maps of California:-)

Students will learn to make three varieties of paranthas; alloo (potato) and gobhi (cauliflower) and makhin aur jeera (cumin and butter).

The menu also includes learning to make two chutney's; apple (sweet) and mint/cilantro (savory).

A raita (yogurt condiment with fresh veggies and herbs) rounds out this delicious meal.

These foods are typically eaten for breakfast in India, but who says we can't eat breakfast for dinner:-)

Note: Students will experience hands-on training while making and rolling out the ATTA, or dough.

Cost: $150 per person
Duration: 2.5-3 hours
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