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Chef Teena
Vegetarian enthusiast and unapologetic curry lover

Chef Teena invites you to join her on a food voyage through the heartlands of India and beyond. Authentic Indian cuisine has been the the foundation of Chef Teena's unique culinary style for the past 20 years. However, her love affair of teaching cooking has permeated in a subsequent focus in other cuisines such as Asian, Mediterranean, and South American foods while keeping the core of vegetarian and vegan menus & recipes.

Chef Teena began her culinary journey at her family owned and operated Steakhouse, American roadside, and Indian restaurants.  For the most part, Teena's childhood was spent in the kitchen vs. at the playground.  In her teens, she worked at several restaurants where at a young age, she was able to demonstrate and hone a multitude of skills including food preparation and presentation, catering and banquet service, host and waitress duties, kitchen (BOH) organizational skills, and managerial talents.  "My parents are my inspiration. They worked very hard and took pride in their recipes. I am fortunate and honored to be able to share their knowledge with my students. - Chef Teena"

During Chef's Teena's undergraduate & graduate college years, she began to offer professional culinary instruction in her community at The Lake Harriet Community Education Adult School and Whole Foods Market in Minneapolis, MN operating via her personal brand, Currysutra™.

Chef Teena's hobby followed her to California where she continued pursuing her passion for the last decade teaching vegetarian & vegan (Indian-inspired) cuisine in the San Francisco Bay Area, at Stanford University as a Chef Consultant, Whole Foods Market Salud Cooking & Lifestyles School in San Mateo, the San Carlos Adult Community Center, Cavallo Point (Guest Chef) and to numerous private individuals. More recently, she has partnered with TalkToChef, Thumbtack, Cozymeal and Verlocal to offer culinary experiences at her Chef's table. These partnerships have led Chef Teena to launch a cooking school called, Explore Culinary Arts in Redwood City, CA with Atherton Appliance & Kitchens, a family owned kitchen appliances & custom cabinetry store. "Explore Culinary Arts is my beloved child. I teach with infinite passion, love and warmth. - Chef Teena"

Chef Teena's recipes are based on an old-world foundation & traditional Indian culinary style of cooking infused with a modern & health conscious focus on clean, seasonal and healthy ingredients, without sacrificing the flavor one bit.  

Her cooking classes foster a platform of hands-on experience where you can open yourself up to exploring and charting new territories with the vast array of Indian curries & spices, as well as vegetarian & vegan cuisines of neighboring countries & cultures. 

Chef Teena's goal and vision are simple; to teach you how to make eclectic and sustainable vegetarian & vegan recipes effortlessly, that are packed with robust, mouth-watering flavors & spices that have medicinal attributes and a colorful hue, and not to mention, an intoxicating aroma, especially with Indian cookery.  

Per Chef Teena, she has truly fallen in love with cooking. "It's what I breathe, eat, sleep - daily! A creative outlet, a meditative practice, and a therapeutic escape. I'm extraordinarily fortunate and blessed to have found the very nature of what makes me whole or as many would coin, "one's calling".  I am so happy to be able to share my knowledge and obsession of providing an awareness of plant-based foods and the medicinal benefits of Indian spices, holistic eating for mind and body, sustainability of wholesome foods, and giving your body the nourishment & essentials that it needs.  

Cooking is quite simple - use fresh & seasonal ingredients, add spice, and feel nourished. I can certainly help you with your curiosity of Indian cuisine and create the presence & appreciation of Indian food in your cooking repertoire for your loved ones. I keep things simple and create enthusiasm throughout the whole process. Indian food doesn't have to be intimidating to cook. Bring it, I'll teach you! "

Chef Teena promises to pour her heart and soul into inspiring, educating, and creating a deliciously, unforgettable plant powered culinary experience at her or your family's dining table!  

So, for the love of curry, are you ready to learn & let your inner Indian out?  

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